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EDUFLY University Management Software

Today's education systems are require Integration, Transparency and Accessibility. EDUFLY University Management System is a complete solution for end-to-end administration and management of modern universities, colleges and schools The solution is suitable for all types of Educational institutes like: National Universities, International Universities and Specialized Universities like Law University, Medical University etc.

EDUFLY University Management Software solves the entire issues of cost and time. The reports and printing student's statement makes so easy. EDUFLY University Management Software is very reliable and ensures a guaranteed data collection in different modules. EDUFLY University Management Software is online based University ERP software includes user friendly modules like fee or finance management, library, student & faculty logins, hostel module, transport, store, visitors tracking, college website, sms plug-in, payroll, security etc. EDUFLY University Management Software can integration with Biometric devices, Barcodes, Smartcards & RFIDs. EDUFLY University Management Software ERP is also work with all mobiles, tabs and other devices. EDUFLY College, School, University Management Software is developed to manage the University's student database.